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Secret Stash Boxers

Secret Stash Pocket Boxers

Not really into those nerdy neck wallets or fanny packs to carry your important stuff or hide certain things you don't want anyone to find while traveling? The answer are the Secret Stash Boxer by Stashitware. Comes in 7 different colors, a secret stash pocket big enough for a bottle and made from 100% comfy cotton. This is cool travel clothing!

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  • Is that a 2 liter coke bottle in the boxers?


    3:04 pm

  • […] the stash boxers for men or the secret pocket socks, these thongs can hide a bit of something important. Aptly names […]

  • Wristbands with a secret stash pocket are aptly named The Wristsafe 50 by Pacsafe. Better than a hidden case.

    The Backpacker

    8:00 pm

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